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your world is YourEarth

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Dein neues Studium: YourEarth

Foundation of a new              university faculty

Unwissenheit! 3 Mrd. Menschen in Gefahr?Unwissenheit! 3 Mrd. Menschen in Gefahr?

Möglicherweise zerstört unsere Digitale Welt, nebst Funkwellen, viele Leben, für immer.

 Covid19 & Co. Verhaltene Anmerkungen

H2O trennen | Wasserstoff | FolgeschädenH2O trennen | Wasserstoff | Folgeschäden

Wasserstoff | Hydridtechnik | Werden diese Informationen vom Universum aufgenommen Reagiert das Schöpfunggeschehen mit einer Spaltung u.a. des menschlichen Blutes?

Grundlagenforschung AtomeGrundlagenforschung Atome

Was oder wer sind diese Bausteine, die wir als Atome erforschen, in einer anderen Realität.

Unser Körper im FluktuationsnebelUnser Körper im Fluktuationsnebel

Wer und was ist der Mensch. Können wir uns auf andere Planten beamen?

Die Geschichte des UniversumsDie Geschichte des Universums

Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Universums. Your Earth erklärt es!

Das Innere der Erde. Eine Eiskugel?Das Innere der Erde. Eine Eiskugel?

Ist der Erdkern doch eine Eiskugel? Welche Lebensformen sind in dem inneren Temperaturbereich  -20°/ +50° möglich?

Atom für Atom Berührungspunkte mit Gott erarbeiten und beleben!Atom für Atom Berührungspunkte mit Gott erarbeiten und beleben!

 Wer und was ist Gott?

Himmel oder Hölle? Beginn einer ReiseHimmel oder Hölle? Beginn einer Reise

Wie und wo ist ein menschliches Leben nach dem Tod möglich?

YourEarth, die neue WissenschaftYourEarth, die neue Wissenschaft

YourEarth gibt Antworten auf viele Fragen, begründet aus einer Sichtweise des Universums. Es werden jedoch viele Jahre vergehen, bis eine Wissenschaftlichkeit annähernd hergestellt ist. Die Wege dorthin sind die neuen Fachbereiche, die neuen zukunftsweisenden Fakultäten.

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Courage and knowledge 
to change the world

new sciences & philosophy

YourEarth | Foundation of a new university faculty | become a founding member


The new knowledge for one 
new cultural epoch
The tides of history carry
sign of change in your hands!

... and if everything is

completely different?


The aim of our research & science is:

1. Primordial frequencies of an omnipotence as a physical quantity & Include   existence in research & science

2. Explain a new worldview universally and in detail

3. Founding of new faculties at universities


Attention! Important hint

Please put your treasured knowledge aside for a moment. !

In the alternative, imagine communicating with aliens !

Much is presumably different than what we grasp with an abstract science !


Complex basic research understandable for everyone!

In reality, creation and the universe are only one element!

Our basic research:

In order to explore the hidden, inaccessible secrets of the universe and creation, it may be allowed to look at and research everything from a different perspective, regardless of the state of science and technology as well as regardless of customs, religion and culture.

Our research areas:

In reality, creation and the universe are only one element!

  1. What,how,why does this unit select itself into innumerable, individual


  2. Who or what are atoms in the reality of the universe?

  3. How and why does it form a seemingly infinite universe?

  4. How and why do multifaceted creations come about?

  5. How do these innumerable atoms become this outgoing One again?

  6. Is there a superior power (God)?

  7. If so, what is the dependency and influence?

  8. How important is the human creation in this system?

  9. The time volume (TimePool ©) includes all events at the same time!

10. How and why is our area of life selected as the present?


The YourEaeth Research Society has all-encompassing answers that are scientifically processed as philosophical and physical theories in such a way that they are useful for research and science in order to provide information on stagnating and new research projects.


Research / summary

Even if humans as a system unit of the universe can only shape about 7% of their world of experience on their own responsibility, it is up to us to bring ourselves into harmony with nature and creation, or to accept formations that are alien to the system and that are repeatedly formatted by the universe to conform to the system . Earth cultures have been experiencing such a phase for millennia, as they do now.


Look behind the veils of the universe atom by atom
Earth / Universe System Research -Theoretical and applied physics /astrophysics

New philosophies and theories - development of research projects

YourEarth-Institut: God devoted research as a challenge of our time
Scientific - Independent - Free -Over-political - Forward-looking

Goals of the YourEarth Institute

With a new worldview, the YourEarth Research Society is establishing a completely new science as well as a contemporary understanding of society that is supposed to grow up to be compatible with the current, outdated system, as a new, independent, "dual system". This creates new economic and financial markets that support and strengthen the current system in order to transform it.

Particular attention is paid to the scientific establishment of new, future-oriented research projects, which also provide information to stagnant research projects at universities and research centers. These keys, based on YourEarth theories, open up completely new perspectives for research and science.


Max PlanckMax Planck

Max Planck's (1858 - 1947) research into the atom led him to accept God as the scientific greatness of a spirit about matter. This insight was then suppressed by the research institutes in the following years because the scientific nature of God could not be proven.


With Anton Mertens, science is now able for the

first time to include God as a physi cal Albert EinsteinAlbert Einsteindimension and existence in research projects. This is the only way to break down the complex relationships between the universe and creation.


Albert Einstein's (1879 - 1955) theories, such as the curvature of space, can also be explained in depth in the ongoing basic courses. Anton Mertens' theories open up sensational research fields for science, which put the life and existence of humanity on a new footing. A new wAnton MertensAnton Mertensorldview will arise. Become an active partner and founding member of new faculties!


Your Earth is the generic term for a new faculty,

which offers many universities and colleges the freedom to develop alternatives and directions that will enable humanity to survive, on an earth that is exorbitantly changing. The reasons for this obvious change may be explained by the fact that there must have been handling mistakes in handling, as people live on and with the earth. It would be desirable if we together research the instructions as quickly as possible, write and give it to all people. It may be allowed to look at and explore everything from a different perspective, regardless of the state of science and technology and regardless of customs, religion and culture. The following demographic picture is based on the possible cause of a small observation error of science and technology, which could not be avoided from the sequence of basic research, applied research, technical realization and capitalization. If we scientists now act fast, prudent and responsible, against the short-term interests of the industry and lobbyists, we can together make many people a further stay on this earth. An escape from this planet, as some lobbies plan and test it in the name of science, need not exist! Humanity is basically in good hands on their home planet. But we all need to rethink and make uncomfortable changes! Please, as a scientist, entrepreneur and appreciative citizen of earth, you decide to participate in an unbiased way! This appeal also goes to all children and adolescents, because they carry the key to a new beginning!



 Development of the world population after continents 1500-2150

Short introduction

These atoms, as we call these manipulations of existing simulations, are just fictions, so as not to recognize the core behind everything, namely the genesis of the universe, the Earth. If we want to recognize these orbiting particles, then this is only a temporary turning point in our contemplation, because these cycles and particles do not exist in reality. These nuclei, which we recognize, are equally fictions of the mind, so explained, which sells these particles, nuclei, and cycles as real and reflects this science, as proof that we, as scientists, are right. Mind and matter are properties that are entangled in interaction, not even existing concerns and structures. These worlds that we recognize are only, and yet admirably, creations of the Universal Mind, further within this spectrum of atomic fluctuations that we want to recognize as reality, as representational structures and truths. Accordingly, these simulations of the events are themselves role models for a film that is written individually for people. This is to explain that everything we want to see and recognize as truth is only a fictional simulation of the spirit world, reflecting certain events, into matter. Such simulations are of the order of magnitude of a universe, to recognize our cosmos, that we always and always explore as even greater, with our telescopes and measuring instruments. This truth, this world that we see, is an illusory world, coupled with the belief that we exist in ourselves, so that we can simulate what is going to happen to our lives, when we change into another being's zone, as well promise us our religions. That which we believe is the only true in our life, in our being. This interaction from one state to the next, given state, which actually, so said, just waits to come true. It may all be just a glimpse into our project, which I have developed on behalf of many people over several decades to bring it to you, to us today. I wish you a pleasant stay on my website. Please do not blame me for declaring that I love you all, no matter what you think of my performance or how you feel about my attitude to life and being. Thank you!





YourEarth explains the journey of a humanity from Mars to Earth. Biblical memories are awakened. Be curious and find out more!


Looking for new earth

YourEarth explains why earth and humans are only partially compatible. Is our creation due to the tension. Where are you travelling to?





Weightless dream of a humanity. But we already live weightless on an earth that we have used negligently. These transgressions lead to a flexible, non-permanent design of Earth magnetism, which already forms new life forms on this earth. Similar laboratory tests of the soil confirmed these crystal formations years ago. Unfortunately, the test series was discontinued for cost reasons